Hispasat UK Ltd X AMARILLO

Hispasat UK Ltd X AMARILLO

Pushing boundaries of global connectivity.

Proactive efficiency measures delivered high-speed results.


Hispasat UK, a subsidiary of the Spanish-listed company Hispasat SA, has forged a global reputation for industry-leading broadband and satellite connectivity solutions.

Having commissioned a top-10 accountancy firm to unlock their full growth potential, management felt they were not getting true value for money. 

Amarillo’s brief was simple – find time and cost-saving solutions through effective and efficient financial planning.


We quickly identified opportunities to enhance efficiency through the automation of critical financial controls.

This was backed up by a diligently crafted, carefully tailored tax plan that delivered significant cost reductions.

With directors based in Spain, a need for seamless cross-border communication was of vital importance. Amarillo facilitated swift and effective collaboration across geographical boundaries resulting in a dynamic working experience for all employees.

Having Amarillo Accounting as tax and financial outsourcing has been beneficial from day one, both in terms of relations with public administrations and other related parties, as well as executing the required financial tasks. If there is something we have to highlight, it is undoubtedly the know-how of the team, the closeness to the client and the proactivity to improve day by day the processes and financial quality of the company. Since we have Amarillo Accounting as our financial and tax team, the confidence in financial reporting and security in the fulfilment of tax obligations has increased significantly.

- Santiago Calvo, Finance Director of Hispasat UK Limited


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