Blue Hybrid Cloud Limited X AMARILLO

Blue Hybrid Cloud Limited X AMARILLO

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Automation revolution kicked off new bookkeeping chapter.


Liberate Blue Hybrid Cloud’s team from the shackles of arduous administration. 

Recognising that time could be better invested in strategic growth initiatives, the company’s director sought solutions to a cumbersome bookkeeping process.

Changes needed to be implemented swiftly with minimum disruption to day-to-day business. 


Leveraging the power of Xero and Dext, Amarillo seamlessly integrated this cutting-edge software to automate data entry, invoicing, and reconciliation.

A time-saving saviour, it also laid the foundation for a more agile and responsive financial ecosystem.

And we didn’t stop there. By delving even deeper, meticulously categorising sales and expenses, we provided Blue Hybrid with a granular understanding of their financial landscape, unleashing a wave of innovative insights.

As Director of Blue Hybrid Cloud, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in our financial management thanks to Amarillo's integration of Xero and Dext. This strategic move liberated us from time-consuming bookkeeping, allowing us to focus on growth and innovation. Amarillo's expertise not only streamlined our processes but provided deeper insights into our financial landscape, paving the way for a more efficient and informed business strategy. We are looking to expand our line of work with Amarillo and see them as an integral partner to our success.

- Marg A, Owner and Director


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